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crowdfunding in small

All products in this category are not worth their money! At least not on the first sight. Of course no postcard should cost 7,50 €, or a photo 25. These products are of  symbolic nature and are supposed to be a small "Thank You" for your support. Because that is exactly what you do by buying one of these. You support the fantasy world "Dystopia", because you enable us to spent more time and resources on the continuation of the books and development of our game. We promise that every euro we earn with these support products gets exclusively invested into the future of this franchise. Let's work together towards being able to play "Dystopia ECG" together soon and meet up in amazing LARP costumes at random conventions!

Discover Dystopia

Dystopian Greeting Card (with cover of your choice)
Postcard Cover: Heggit
Choose a cover and we send you the card with a personal greeting by mail. And the postcard you did not choose gets sent to you as well anyways. Because it's you!Learn more about our support products

Personal Polaroid
Victim: Karl
You choose, we snap! Choose a victim in the options and the chosen person will do something stupid on the picture. You will receive the polaroid per mail. By the way: if you chose Manu, you get a postcard for free ontop!Learn more about our support products

Map "Isdraia" (first edition)
Signed: No
Just like fantasy stories get developed one step at at time, so do the corresponding maps. This is the first edition of our Isdraia map, which so far has only been used by us internally and which the new, bigger map is based on. We can also sign the map on the back if you so desire.Learn more about our support products

Personalized Dystopia Playing Card
Publishing: No
On request we create your own, personalized playing card in style of our game "Dystopia ECG". Just contact us before or after ordering per mail and tell us about your wishes. We can choose a picture of your choice and design the text individually for you. Or you let us have the reign and we will think of something funny.Completion of the card takes roughly 3 days. After those we will send you your card via e-mail as an image file. If you want you can also choose to have your card published. We will then showcase it on your website In this case the card's image and texts must not violate any (copyright) laws of course.Learn more about our support products