"Fenghuang" Desk- / Playmat


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Product number: 100009
Product information ""Fenghuang" Desk- / Playmat"
This high-quality mat in the format 60 x 36 cm can be used both as a play mat (i.e. as a base for card games) and as a desk mat.

The mat has an edge reinforced by a seam. It is hand washable, free of harmful substances, very durable and of high quality.

The underside of the play mat is made of rubber, making it non-slip. The top side is made of soft polyester.

About the artwork: 

The Fenghuang is a mythological bird found in east asian mythology and has similarities with the more commonly known Phoenix. Its feathers consist of 5 fundamental colors which are black, white, red, yellow, and gree. These colors are said to represent Confucius five virtues (Ren, Yi, Zhi, Xin and Li, which can be roughly translated to humanity, honesty, knowledge, faithfulness and politeness). 

There are many different interpretations of the Fenghuang, but it is often shown as a mix of many different birds. Bente used herons, peasants, peacocks, swans, roosters as inspiration and looked at many tropical birds with their gorgeous colors and long tail feathers. 

The Fenghuang may appear in peaceful, happy and prosperous places and is said to be a symbol of good fortune and luck. 

Illustrator: Bente Schlick